guide: how to get psx, chiptune, and vg music files to play (foobar, xmplayer guide)
Get psx, chiptune, and vg music files playing
on your computer in original very amazing [highest] GAME QUALITY (that you've probably never heard!)
This will get so able you can play the weird formats original Psx files like ".svag" (ps2 ddrmax), "MiB"* (ps1 ddr konamx), ".xa" (other psx games) .

*this is a capitol 'i' originally stylized: ".MIB."

play chiptunes (.it, .xm, .mod) most accurately: XMPlay/xmplayer: (click the tiny DOWNLOAD link at the top)
play amiga tunes most accurately: "delitracker" ; or UADE/unix amiga deliplayer emulator:
[[W/] foobar2000 guide]
download and install the components
foobar2000> avail. for linux (try the snap store/googling "'your_distro'+foobar2000", win, etc

game emu player: foo_gep - for NES, SNES, Genesis
highly experimental: foo_psf - for Psx (ps1)
lazyUSF: foo_input_usf - for n64 games
vgmstream plugin: foo_input_vgmstream  - for ps2 games (.svag)
assign hotkeys in preferences [optional]
i use [the bottom row] 'zxcvb'

change the skin colors theme [optional]
load the files
click File>open, or 'open audio cd'
or file >add files/folder/location
or drag your files on to the list.

Congrats!? on your foobar2000 gaming music machine!
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