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Raven (w/ Lisa Kushell)
Nude Model (w/Susie Essman)
Dr. Drew Talks Hip-Hop (w/ Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky)
Rosie's Birthday Candy (w/ Jimmy Kimmel)
Car Accident (w/ Dom Irrera)
Power Jamming With Boomer And The Nudge (w/ Jimmy Kimmel & Patton Oswalt)
Chip Is Still Building A House (w/ Fred Armisen)
Kids Saw Porn (w/ Wanda Sykes)
Kevin And Katie Call A Bowling Alley (w/ Katie & Kevin Kimmel)
Security Guard Job (w/ Adam Carolla)
Asking a Hardware Store About Their Caulk (w/ Tony Barbieri)
Black Guy Masturbating in Park (w/ Jimmy Kimmel)
Lost $25 Chip (w/ Sarah Silverman)
Hits A Deer (w/ Jim Florentine)
Beat Around The Bush Phone Sex (w/ Kevin Nealon)
Sportscaster Truth (w/ David Alan Grier)
Hallmark Cards (w/ Tracy Morgan)
Wheelchair Library (w/ Dane Cook)
Helen's Cookies (w/ Susie Essman)
Phone Sex Vomit (w/ David Alan Grier)
Hadassah Calls From Waste Management (w/ Sarah Silverman)
Vote For Tony DeLoge (w/ Super Dave Osborne)
Karl Malone Needs Beanie Babies (w/ Jimmy Kimmel)
Grandpa's Bath (w/ Jim Florentine)
YPS Loses A Package (w/ The Touch-Tone Terrorists)
Parrot (w/ Susie Essman)
Calligraphy (w/ Tony Barbieri)
Nanny Job (w/ Sarah Silverman)
Spoonie Places A Personal (w/ Tracy Morgan)
Phone Zone Follies (w/ Dane Cook)
We Get To Drink (w/ Pete Dzoghi)
Niles Needs Assistance (w/ Tony Barbieri)
Porn Survey (w/ Wanda Sykes)
Birchum's Lost & Found Leg (w/ Adam Carolla)
Cammie Hounds A Club (w/ Lisa Kushell)
Jimmy Gets Pumped (w/ Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman)
Attacked By A Monkey (w/ Denis Leary)
Wu Tang at Reba's (w/ Dave Chappelle)
Deaf Friend Phone Sex (w/ Stephen Colbert)
Power Jammin' & Mega Mixin' (w/ Jimmy Kimmel & Patton Oswalt)
Spoonie Luv Orders Roses (w/ Tracy Morgan)
Birchum Looks For A Job (w/ Adam Carolla)
Batman's Nemesis (w/ Jordan Rubin)
Lisa Calls Tech Support (w/ Lisa Kushell)
Gladys Reports A Turd (w/ Wanda Sykes)
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