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10/14/2020: So i recently completed a couple game challenges-
in part inspired by mike matei's "super mario world (small only)" run i saw on my yt homepage, and part in by own creativity from that point.

For example, first I beat SMW (for super nintendo) as small mario only getting 93/96 exits.
minus an optional FoI exit, and 2 wrong star world exits (no biggie).
I did this with emu but w/ the most accurate (higan) one.
[Note: i never save-stated during these challenges within a level - only as scarcely as possible on the overworld map screen.]

Next, I beat the NES Mario bros 3. Small mario only.
This was more frustrating as you might imagine. I wrote/writing a mini-guide even found here. Anyway, w/o savestates this one would be a great challenge as well. I did this with emu but very accurate (mesen) one - No warps beating every level except a few in total (some optional ones like in world 3, 7, and 8). Something to look forward to next time! Wink

Now i think i'll try mario bros 2 or 1 (NES). Idk. Small only. Also eventually smb2j (famicom) small only. And some day all those same challenges on console. Also maybe a Yoshi's Island (SNES) challenge of never getting hit per level. More games, more challenges - stay tuned!
Also - i started playing a romhack called final fantasy 5 (plus) for the snes (higan). I believe it's gotta be harder (difficulty increase) and maybe some more options yet?! read bout it here. lots o fun~and time to waste.
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